To our valued customers. Nutrien has revised all product safety information to meet Global Harmonized System formats and classifications as adopted in the United States OSHA Hazcom 2012 regulation changes and the amendments to the Canadian Hazardous Products Act. Information for all active products are located on this web page. Please select the appropriate country flag to view the proper SDS version for products sold in that country. If you find a document is missing or have questions about the information, please contact us at Information for Agrium Advanced Technology micros products is no longer available.

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Product Category SBU Product Code Product Name Grade/Analysis Label SDS Data
Blends ( Liquid )
AW-VAR 2519-12619 Ammonium Polyphosphate Potassium Solution 3-10-10 (Bulk) US-GHS 3-10-10 SDS
Blends | Nitrogen ( Dry )
AW-AFO 1422-30156 Blend Plant Food 34-0-0 (Bulk) US-GHS 34-0-0 Label SDS
AW-AFO 1423-30156 Blend Plant Food 34-0-0 (50lb) US-GHS 34-0-0 Label SDS
AW-AFO 2207-30156 Blend Plant Food 34-0-0 (1T Tote) US-GHS 34-0-0 Label SDS
AW-AFO 4856-30156 Blend Plant Food 34-0-0 (40lb) US-GHS 34-0-0 Label SDS
Feed ( Dry )
AW-BNO 2496-14032 Urea Microprill Feed Grade Label SDS Data
AW-BNO 5988-31666 Urea Granular Feed Grade (Bulk) US-GHS Label SDS Data
Industrial ( Dry )
AW-RFO 2499-12958 Ammonium Nitrate, Mini-Prill (Bulk) US-GHS Label SDS Data
AW-VAR 2508-14055 Urea Industrial Grade (1T Tote) US-GHS Label SDS
AW-VAR 2527-14055 Urea Industrial Grade (Bagged) US-GHS Label SDS
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